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How to Inspect and Prepare Your Home Windows for Winter

Are you dreading the harsh winters? If so, it is time to step up and prepare for the drop in temperature and the change in weather for the worse. As you ready your home to handle the cold, don’t forget to check the windows.

Cold drafts that enter through damaged home windows and leaky panes can affect the energy-efficiency of your home in a negative manner. But with a little care, it is possible to detect a minor problem and prevent it from becoming a big one.

How to inspect windows so that the minutest detail doesn’t escape you? Here are a few tips.

Is the caulking intact? Go outside and check the frame. If you see the seals broken at places, it can lead to major heat loss in the winter. The good thing is that it will take just a few minutes and a small amount to fix this problem.

Is the frame warped? Closely check the joints and corners to identify whether the temperature changes have affected the quality of the frame. The older home windows, the more there are chances of damage.

Is the weather-stripping worn out? Operable windows such as slider and hung ones need to be checked regularly to identify whether the quality of weather-stripping is good to resist the harsh winter months.

Is the glass broken? Don’t consider it as an aesthetic problem alone. Any crack or break in the glass panes of the windows means that it has become ineffective in keeping cold air out. Replace the panes immediately.

Is the window easily operable? It will be a nuisance if you cannot close a window once the cold draft starts to come in. Check every latch, handle, crank, and such other parts to make sure the windows are easy to open and close.

If it all seems too difficult, just light a candle and place it near the window from where you think a cold draft comes in. It will help you in this detection. Once you identify a problem, opt for a fix as soon as possible.

Keep the thermostat down, so that the condensed moisture doesn’t damage home windows.

If the windows of your home are quite old and damaged, it is best to replace them with vinyl windows. These don’t rot, rust, or get damaged by moisture. Opt for the right vinyl windows from Total Home Windows and Doors for your home.

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How to Inspect and Prepare Your Home Windows for Winter

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